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The Best Braided Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

It is no secret that braided hairstyles are still popular to this day. For those who have long hair, one of the best styles to choose is to braid the hair. This hairstyle is pretty and elegant. Done the right way, you can look like an amazing princess. Here is the information you need to know about the style, especially about the type of braided haircut to match your face shape.

Which Braided Hairstyles Match Your Face?

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There are a lot of face shapes as well as types of braided hairstyles. Each of the face shape will match the hairstyle differently. Read the information about which braided style will match the face shape of yours. By reading them, you will have more understanding about the cut, too. After reading them, you can decide to get the cut as soon as possible.

  1. For Round Face

One of the most common face shapes around the world is round. When your face is round, which braided hairstyles to choose? The answer is fishtail braid. The braid is common to frame the face, making it looks less round, especially on the cheek.

  1. For Oval Face

Oval is the most versatile face shape. It will match with any types of hairstyle, including the braid. For those who have oval face, they can choose any types of braid. However, select the elegant one to enhance the beauty of your face, such as cocktail braid or high ponytail braid. They look simply amazing and simple not to overpower your already-beautiful face shape.

  1. For Square Face
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Those who have square face should try Double Dutch braids. The braid works really well in taming the sharp face shape and its jaw line. The braid is placed on one side of the head, taking people’s attention from the face shape to the hair instead.

  1. For Heart-shaped Face

If you have heart-shaped face, there are several braided hairstyles types to choose. However, the best one will be five strand braids. This braid gives more volume to the hair and enhances the jaw line. It makes sure that your braid and your face shape will go together. It looks really classic, though, and will be perfect for any occasions.

  1. For Diamond-shaped Face

For those with diamond face, the best braids to choose is the waterfall face. Diamond has sharp end on the chin and it can be softened by the face frame given by waterfall braid. This braid looks really amazing but a bit complicated to do. So, if you want to try this braid for your diamond-shaped face, make sure you invest more time to it.

Now that you know exactly what to choose, select the style carefully and match it with your face shape. These styles above are all amazing and great for both formal and informal occasions. Some of them are great to be used on weddings, too. This is why everyone with long hair length must know exactly how to braid their hair and chose which one of those braided hairstyles to wear on their head.