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The Types of Bob Hairstyles You Need to Know

Choosing the bob hairstyles is one of the best decisions you can ever made about your hair. This hairstyle is timeless and versatile. It works mostly for short hair but it can be applied to longer hair as well. If you love this type of hairstyle and want to try having it anytime soon, make sure you read this information down below.

The Best Bob Hairstyles Types to Choose

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There are so many types of bob hairstyles. You just have to choose one that matches your preference the most. Here is the full information about five of the most popular types of bob haircut. Read them all before choosing which one of the type you will have it applied on your hair.

  1. A-line Bob

A-line bob is one of the most iconic type when it comes to bob. This bob is framing the face so obviously as it has long length on the front side. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have chubby cheeks or round face as the hair will help framing the face, giving the illusion that the cheek is slimmer and the face is not too round.

  1. Graduated Bob

This is the type of bob hairstyles that will fit those who want to look a bit rough and rebel. Graduated bob has a lot of layers on the back of the head. The length of the hair is longer on the front and shorter on the back. The overall look of this hairstyle is quite “rock star-like” and thus they match for informal occasion most of the time.

  1. Asymmetrical Bob
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As you can tell from the name, asymmetrical bob has the length of the cut different from one side to another. It looks really fresh and chic. However, for those who wish to attend formal occasion, this hairstyle is probably a little bit unfit. The hairstyle is going to fit informal, casual occasions.

  1. Layered Bob

Layered bob is almost the same as the graduated bob. However, there are even more layers on this cut. The layers are stacked on the back of the head. If you choose this hairstyle, it will give you the illusion of thicker hair. This is one of the best bob hairstyles to choose when you have problems with limited amount of hair.

  1. Blunt Bob

For those who wish to just have a bob without any of the styles, they can just choose blunt bob. This is the most “ordinary” bob. It has what a bob should be: shorter length and equal layers all around the head. It is very versatile and chosen the most, though.

Those are the information of bob haircut you need to know. Even though there are so many types of them, they are all kind of looking like the same and equally impressive. However, they are different in textures and length. Choose any of bob hairstyles that you think will make you look pretty and amazing for sure. Take your time to do the research for satisfying result.