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Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle

Little girls are related to many cute hairstyles options. Full of personality with the results that often look like works of art with added beads, flowers, or bows are the best ones. Here are the list of little black girls hairstyles that are age appropriate for kids and last all day being worn by an energetic girl.

  • Braided Ballerina Bun
braided ballerina bun for long hair » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
braided ballerina bun for long hair

This ballerina hairdo is so fabulous because it is a combination of bun and spiraled box braids in the front. This style become more lovely because of a simple cornrows in the back. The braids will stay in pace for several days to weeks. The one which needs daily maintenance is the bun.

  • Fishbone Cornrows
fishbone braid cornrows » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
fishbone braid cornrows

Some extra flair and texture are the unique part of this style. The cornrows are braided in a fishbone style with the puff of curls on top. This can be styled all together or in two separate sections and needs to be styled daily. Try tp apply the hair oil mixed with water daily to make the curl quickly.

  • Minnie Mouse Hair
minnie mouse hair bow » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
minnie mouse hair bow

The adorable Minnie Mouse inspired by braided style. This will give any little girl feeling extra special. The hair is braided and twisted in the back and leading up to the bow on top. The front is styled in a sassy spiral curl bang. Set it with a perm rod overnight to maintain the curl pattern and keep the spiral bang looking nice.

  • Puff Hawk
Puff Hawk » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Puff Hawk

This fancy style is for a special occasion. The puff hawk is a popular style in adult women, but it will make your little girl feeling like she’s grown up. How to get this style? Part hair in three sections, tie each one into a fan bun, and securing with small pins. It is better to use a curling wand to set the loose section in front in a spiral curl. Take buns out at night and put hair in a loose twist to maintain this style. Voila your little girl will be so amazing!

  • Twists Braids Style
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Twists Braids Style » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Twists Braids Style

This classic hairstyle is never out of date. The hair is set in multiple simple twists and embellished with colorful barrettes or hair ties. The color of ribbon can be changed daily to match different outfits as OOTD. This style is a good choice for girls with dry hair that requires thorough moisturizing. Here she is!

  • Shirley Temple Curls
Shirley Temple Curls » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Shirley Temple Curls

This retro style is simple. The hair is flat twisted in the front and spiral curled in the back. A hair style with variety such as a ponytail or two pigtails. The twists are not as tight and long lasting as braids.

  • Kiddie French Braids
Kiddie French Braids » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Kiddie French Braids

This french braids are appropriate for women of any age. If your kids are active that involved in lots of different sports and activities, this style is easy to install and maintain.

  • Bantu knot puff
Bantu knot puff » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Bantu knot puff

This is a basic puff style with some added flair and personality. The flat twist and bantu knot in front are the main characteristics. Don’t forget to accessorize this style with flowers or jazz it up with hair jewels and headbands.

  • Mini Twist
Mini Twist » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Mini Twist

Mini wist with two strand twist is a cute protective style for young girls with natural curls. The twists can be worn down or tied up in a bun, ponytail, or pigtails that you want. Combine water and leave in conditioner in a spray bottle or mist hair as needed before sealing with your favorite oil to keep twists moisturized without undoing them. 

  • Fishtail Ponytail
Fishtail Ponytail » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Fishtail Ponytail

A chic updo comes with big diva attitude. The best of all is easy to put together. You need to cornrow hair into a high ponytail, then braid loose hair into a fishtail braid. Don’t forget to give texturizing hair spray in order to help hold the braid.

  • Flower Child
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Flower Child Hairstyle » Super Cute Little Black Girls Hairstyle
Flower Child Hairstyle

Natural hair flowing is amazing. For the perfect mixture of flowing natural hair, you need to try this partial cornrow look. Braids in front keep the hair away from the face. The rest of the hair is left loose in its natural state to make a pretty effect. You can do the back in curls, twists, braid outs, or bantu knots to make some decoration on the hair.