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Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party

Wedding party is a kind of formal but cute party to attend, so people especially women are competing each other to be the most fabulous. Every woman wants to be the center of interest so everyone will adore her and imitate her style. From head to toe, every detail part is needed to be decorated. Is your best friend going to be married this month? Take a look at these looks and try one them to be awesome there! Here are the best look of celebrities in the wedding party.

  1. Sexy Framing Waves
rachel mcadams framing waves » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
rachel mcadams framing waves

The low bun is the real proof that not all updos are stuffy. Watch the pieces of wand curled waves framing the edges of Rachel Mc Adam’s face! How amazing she is! A lot of people can’t say any words to describe how they adore her style. If you have an oval or heart shape face, this look really fits you! So, you wanna try?

  1. Fun Twist
fun twist hairstyles » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
fun twist hairstyles

If you don’t have a long hair, do not worry because you still can pull off a soft twist. Take Emma Watson’s hair as an example, her hair is actually only chin length. So how she made it? At least you have got a ton of bobby pins and hairspray, yes you are lucky because you can pull off an updo with any cut. So everyone can be amazing just the way she is!

  1. Pinned Curls
pinned up curls updo » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
pinned up curls updo

Don’t you know that the most well behaved of curls will frizz and poof under the heat of a wedding party? Don’t try to make a lot of effort! Just part your hair like Kiersey Clemons, then loosely clip back one side, and let your curls fall where they may. How do you look? You are so cute now! So for you who have curly hair, don’t be jealous with straight hair because you are sexy with curly hair. Be brave to show off, then other people will adore you for sure!

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  1. Smooth Braids
smooth edges with braids » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
smooth edges with braids

The woven braids will make you feel juvenile perfectly. But hey, just take a look at Ellie Bamber’s twisted and messy updo looks, she is definitively romantic! How to make it? Just tug on the edges of your hairline gently to loosen short layers for a smooth finish.

  1. Soft Topknot
soft knot on top of head » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
soft knot on top of head

A topknot is a high hair bun model. How does it look? It is so glossy especially the slicked back topknot adorned with golden flowers just like Zendaya’s look. How adoreable she is! A talented girl with extraordinary hairstyle never fail to make people fall in love with her.

  1. Side Bangs Bun
easy side bangs and bun » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
easy side bangs and bun

Don’t be sad if you don’t have bangs to copy Keira Knightley’s undone chignon. Yes you still can imitate her by making a deep side part with your fingers. Remember that messier is better! Let your hair fall softly over the forehead and ears before twisting into a chignon.

  1. Braided Bun
braided bun black » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
braided bun black

Chignon or bun with braided style is awesome! Just take an example of a braided knot that doesn’t feel severe or bookish from Zoe Saldana’s mix of a smooth hairline with a soft crown. How lovely and adorable she is! You can copy her style if you are bored with usual bun.

  1. Victorian Ponytail
victorian ponytail hairstyles » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
victorian ponytail hairstyles

Who says that wedding party is not for ponytail? Just see Nicole Kidman’s ran through the fields ponytail. It is soft, loose, and wispy. But keep the messy exist! Do not forget about the black satin ribbon that keep the look feeling polished.

  1. Glowing Waves
glowing waves hairstyles » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
glowing waves hairstyles

Wet look waves are so glowing. Shay Mitchell’s slicked back of summer frizz is undeniable. The sideparted wave as Old Hollywood was changed into a modern style. Yes, wavy hair is identical with 90’s look and vintage. But it can be wrong, it still exist now!

  1. Flower Crowned Up Style
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flower crowned up style » Lovely Hairstyles For Wedding Party
flower crowned up style

A flower crown is not groundbreaking for any season. Really? Yes it is, but see ho0w Kirsten Dunst makes the cliché feel new by pairing her floral headband with smooth and side swept bangs. Isn’t she lovely? Actually you can try the extraordinary style whenever and wherever it is. You just need a confidence and give smile to everyone you meet.