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Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real

Wingardium Laviosa! Do you remember that magic quote? Yes it is a magical word in Harry Potter to make anything change or disappear instantly. Now it’s time to get your wands because someone just created a Harry Potter inspired hair color. How does it look? It’s actually incredibly kind of great. Do you want it? If you like to have something new and like to do experiment, this one is suitable for you. The Gryffindor inspired dye job was first spotted on Virginia based hairstylist Crystal Casey’s Instagram. If you want to see it, just go to instagram. Casey posted the experimental color earlier on March 2018 and she revealed the length process took with a step by step tutorial.

harry potter hair color » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
harry potter hair color

The color was inspired by Gryffindor from the Harry Potter movies with Casey own twist. This striking color is the result of mixing basic balayage with a color melting technique. So this process is tricking thus resulting in a checkered like gradient. Even though some people’s hair appears to have horizontal streaks of color, to get Harry Potter color, it actually need to dye on vertically and diagonally. What is it for?  To give more depth and dimension to the color. So be careful, not every hair coloristcan make this  fabulous hair color. If they just see the picture without knowing the technique, the look will be ugly. It is not exactly the subtle balayage that have been obsessively pinned after.

hermione granger hair » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
hermione granger hair
hermione hair color » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
hermione hair color

The latest spinoff from the iconic boy wizard (Harry Potter) is truly the stuff of fans’ wildest dreams and also happens to be surprisingly wearable. No one would deny this color especially the ones who really love Harry Potter’s character. This creation is nothing short of magical because it combines Gryffindor’s red and yellow house colors with subtle hints of green, blue, and purple. It creates a spellbinding optical illusion as if it had its own Lumos spell illuminating it from within. To achieve the dynamic color combo, hair colorist should bleach parallel stripes into the hair. To achieve the vibrant and prismatic pattern, the colorist should use balayage and color melting techniques.

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For anyone interested in trying the look for themselves, pay attention to the importance of the right kind of care and upkeep. There isn’t a spell or potion that can do it for you. Proper care and maintenance for this type of color is needed. What kind of hair care? Only the color safe, sulfate, and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. The best way to make the color last is by washing it in cold water. This type of color can be high maintenance depending on how you care for it. If you give less attention to your hair, you must do much more effort and spend much money.

butterbeer hair » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
butterbeer hair

Extraordinary creation isn’t the only Harry Potter hairstyle making headlines today. There are Butterbeer Hair, a blonde meets butterscotch ombre style which was named after Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s favorite Hogsmeade beverage on instagram feeds lately. Both Wizarding World inspired color trends involve upkeep, the end result is enough to look like you’ve stepped through Platform 9 ¾. How amazing your life if you have this magical hair color. Don’t forget that any extra care is well worth it. Top off either style with the Sorting hat and you’ve got yourself a new spring look.

butterscotch hair color » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
butterscotch hair color
butterscotch hair dye » Harry Potter Hair Color Is Magic For Real
butterscotch hair dye

If you have bright skin, this color is absolutely perfect for you. The shade of red and brown is gorgeous especially if you go to the party. People will stare at you and you will get so many compliments. This one is unique, so you will grab so much attention. Everytime you go not only party, yes people will give you more attention. This hair color can be an alternative if you’re bored with your hair. This year is amazing, so you need to do amazing things include changing hair color. if you have natural blonde, it is not a bad thing to change it into this red purple Griffindor. No more doubt, no matter what people say about you. If they don’t like your new color, just let it go! Are you ready to be the center of interest?

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