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Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts

There are a lot of cute little boy haircuts for your toddler. You can choose the best one for him, so people will love him. As the time pass by, the little boys start growing up. It is the right time to let their hairstyles reflect the kind of men they want to become. Maybe just like a football player that he likes. There are so many cool toddler haircuts that that you can copy to your son. From the classic shaggy mop top or layered styles, all of the styles can be chosen for kids.

kids hairstyles 2018 » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
kids hairstyles 2018

Some of the styles in the collection may be a bit too adventurous and trendy, so you need plenty of time to let your son’s hair grow out again for a more traditional look. Check out pictures of cute short and long hairstyles for toddlers. But no matter your choice for him, your little boy is going to look stylish and adorable! Don’t ever forget to come back and get more ideas for your boy who grows older. But if you’re confused to choose the right way to cut and style your kid’s hair, you should take a look at this collection of adorable haircuts for toddler boys.

  1. Modern Mohawk
little boy mohawk haircuts » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
little boy mohawk haircuts

This haircut is so versatile but tricky. Be careful in styling the hair. This haircut can be clean and classic, but on the other hand it can be edgy and funky. This one is really suitable for modern lifestyle boy. It is achieveable for all hair types like curly, straight, and wavy. To get this cut, the barber should texturize the top with a razor. A different cutting technique is needed for curly and wavy hair. The easiest one is straight hair for this modern Mohawk.

  1. Clean Fade
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boy fade haircuts 2018 » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
boy fade haircuts 2018

A clean fade haircut is so good for the natural curly hair. The hair should be dressed down by keeping the top messier or with a little extra product. The barber should make it short enough, so the boy will feel free in doing his activities. Actually this haircut works well for all the hair type, except the kinky curly hair.

  1. Cool Undercut
little boy undercut » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
little boy undercut

The side and the back are cut scissor over comb. The top of the hair is much longer, layered, and textured. The top is so dramatic because it can be swept, slicked, and worn to the side or styled back with volume into a pompadour. Unfortunately this cut is not for all hair textures. Just for wavy and straight hair.

  1. Textured Crew Cut
crew cut 2018 » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
crew cut 2018

This is a pared down cut with a short and texturized top. The sharpness is very current and a hell of a lot cool.  This cut is really good for the round face because the length on top elongates the face and give structure. It is also suitable for the thick hair. The boys will be fabulous with this style.

  1. Stand Up Sharp Cut
boy haircuts 2018 » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
boy haircuts 2018

This style is trending now. The extra hard part and hair tattoo can add uniqueness plus cool style. This cut is suitable for all ages, so the little boys can wear it too. This cut is really good for the straight hair.

  1. Low Taper Fade
kids haircuts boys » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
kids haircuts boys

This long top fade or often called low taper fade is so trendy and cool. This cut is great for guys of all ages. The fades actually based on personal preference, so you can make it low, middle, or bald. The taper fade can be combined with classic or modern cut. This cut is suitable for thin and thick hair which compliment any kinds of face shape.

  1. Stylish Surgical Line
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boys trendy haircuts » Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts
boys trendy haircuts

Kids are free to choose bold haircuts or any kinds of haircuts. This bald surgical line can expose the boy’s style and create wonders through the years. As usual, you can adjust for visual impact by choosing this surgical line. Don’t forget about the buzz that cut around the side and back compliment the longer hair on top.