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7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer

If you are bored with your brown or blonde color, so caramel is the best choice for you. Caramel is the color between brown and blonde, so this is so right for you who can’t exactly live without your natural color. Don’t be tired to try any color if you feel bored with it. You never know how the color will change your look. If a man didn’t like you because of your hair, but after changing the color, maybe he can fall in love with you. Who knows? Check out these celebrities hair colors and try one of 10. Don’t be surprised that you will like it for sure.

  1. Salted Caramel Hair
salted caramel hair colour » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
salted caramel hair colour

Not only foods with salted egg sauce are delicious, salted caramel hair is delicious too! Make Gisele Bündchen as the Patron Saint of Caramel Hair. Her shade also features an ombré that draw the transitions from medium brown to beach blonde till the ends. After having the color, don’t forget about the mimic her boho waves with sea salt spray. Yes salted is not naturally appear, it must be made. So prepare the spray if you want a hair style like hers.

  1. Dark Caramel Hair
dark caramel hair colour » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
dark caramel hair colour

Dark caramel can you imagine the taste if it is a sauce on a cake? Yummy and delicious are the words for it. But how about this dark caramel is a hair color? Wow, it is also yummy to be seen. People will love your look just like they love that cake. Take a look at Jasmine Tookes’ deep mahogany strands with face framing highlights. How sweet she is especially the skin color. Her hair and skin color are matching! Are you a brown color? Just try this color for your hair to make you much sweeter than before.

  1. Blonde Caramel Color
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blonde caramel colored hair » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
blonde caramel colored hair

Having a blonde color hair and you are bored with it? Don’t worry babe, this blonde caramel color can be a great alternative solution for you.  But if you have a brown hair, you can make it closer to blonde like Allison Janney with this caramel. All you have to do is asking your hair stylist to place a few subtle highlights throughout the head for dimension and glow. Voila, you will be so satisfied with this one!

  1. Sandy Caramel Color
sandy caramel color » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
sandy caramel color

Girls, take a look at Gigi Hadid’s sandy blonde! How the hair strands layered over a darker blonde base? It is absolutely amazing! Just bring out the lighter tones in your hair with something like John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder and don’t forget to control the Lightening Spray Subtle Caramel Hair. You can also imitate the Mariska Hargitay’s center part hair style. This is outlined by caramel colored streaks running down the front of her hair. How does she look?

  1. Tawny Caramel Hair
tawny caramel hair » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
tawny caramel hair

Do you want to make your curly hair become more sexy? Give a touch of caramel on it. A lot of people will adore you instantly. This cute look will fit many people especially the black people. The way to make the curls really stand out is trying to gild them with pale amber highlights like Janet Jackson. You must know how fabulous she is!

  1. Shiny Caramel Color
shiny caramel hair color » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
shiny caramel hair color

If you already have a blonde or brown hair, just make it more shiny and change it into caramel. Just take a look at Jessica Biel’s bronde hairstyle, it looks almost metallic, amazing right? If you want to amp up the shine quotient by styling your strands, just use a shine serum. Everything can be happened right now, so you don’t have to worry! If you want to be perfect, just go to the saloon and tell the hair stylist what kind of hair you want.

  1. Chocolate Caramel Hair
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chocolate caramel hair colour » 7 Caramel Hair Colors For Summer
chocolate caramel hair colour

You have probably spent many hours staring deeply into the curves of the Duchess of Cambridge’s chocolatey waves. Then what happen to your after that? You must be jealous, so you hope to divine the secret to eternally good hair. The secret is her color is full of depth brown named chocolate caramel. Hmmm, choco caramel is yummy when we taste it, so it is so sweet to for hair. Kate Middleton seems to shift whenever she turns her head.