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Five Attractive and Trendy Bang Hairstyles

Bang is a nice touch to any hairstyle, even if many people are too afraid about pulling it off. Without proper styling, you may look awkward with bang. Luckily, you are going to learn some attractive bang hairstyles in this passage. You might find some styles that would suit the shape of your face and the look that you are going for. Aren’t you curious to see more of it?

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Attractive Bang Hairstyles This Year

  1. Uneven Bob with Side Bang

Do you want to have a supermodel look that will make you look fierce yet subtle at the same time? You should try to style your hair in uneven bob style. On one side, your hair would be longer than the other side. You can add side bang to the direction of your longer hair for a nice touch. This look suits people with oval face shape. When preparing your hair for the day, you need to blow dry it and comb it inside to create volume.

  1. Short Bang Style

One of bang hairstyles that look edgy but not too pushing it is long hair with very short bang. This style is particularly inspired by Japanese and Korean street style. The bang is styled in light layers so you can still arrange it to make it voluminous while not making it too palpable. Meanwhile, your hair is arranged in straight cut without apparent layer. You should dye your hair in black to make this look more impactful. It suits people with oval face shape.

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  1. Layered Long Hair with Side Sweep Bang

A style that would make the person looks gentle and elegant would be layered long hair with side sweep bang. It is perfect for people who have square face because it makes their angular face looking soft. You should frame your head in long layers with varying length to create volume for your hair (thus, it is also great for people with thin hair). The bang is also layered to further soften your face and swiped to the side.

  1. Edgy Layered Short Hair

Some people choose to have short hair. This is one of bang hairstyles that would make you look edgy without trying too hard. It toes between the line of pixie cut and elegant style. In this case, you cut your hair over the shoulders in layered cut. The lower side of your hair should be tapered in order to centralize the volume at the top part of your head while making the lower side looking sharp. It is a good style for people with heart shape and round shape faces.

  1. Wavy Layers with Bang

Another example of bang hairstyles currently “in” right now is wavy layers. One good thing about it is that the style can perfectly fit varied facial shape, although round shape face would rock this style even more. The hair is styled in waves a little past shoulder length. You add nice straight bang to balance it out. In order to make the style more interesting, you can add golden highlights to your hair.

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Those are some bang hairstyles that are loved by people at the moment. You might get inspirations to style your hair like one of those.