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Favourite Type of Bangs

Bangs are a very cool part of hair. Struts into office every day with bangs is not a bad thing. But you know what? Bangs need high maintenance when the temps rise above 80 degrees. If you haven’t noticed, winter and spring are officially bangs season. You have to spend the next three months waffling over to finally make the chop or not. Here are very pretty, dreamy, and aesthetically pleasing pictures of bangs that will be your favourite.

Let us round up a silly amount of inspiring bangs photos. There are five different categories such as wispy, curly, blunt, side swept, and parted to help you pinpoint the exact styles you love. The exact styles you want, just tell it to your hairstylist. Don’t forget that quicker you make the cut without thinking may be you will regret it. Check these favourite type of bangs you should know.

  • Center Parted Bangs
center parted bangs hairstyle » Favourite Type of Bangs
center parted bangs hairstyle

Centered parted bangs have been very trendy in the last few years. This bangs add a bonus as one of the easiest to style. It looks best with rounded bangs that come at least as low as your brows. This bangs style is suitable for oval and heart shaped face to widen the appearance of a longer face shape.

  • Long Choppy
long choppy layers haircut » Favourite Type of Bangs
long choppy layers haircut

Long textured bangs have enough choppy to bring some edge to your look and make precise styling less of a concern. Some pieces land right around the lash line, but overall look of this bangs is much lighter than with a bluntly cut fringe.

  • Curly Bangs
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natural curly hair with bangs hairstyles » Favourite Type of Bangs
natural curly hair with bangs hairstyles

Throw away the old idea that bangs can’t work with curly hair! Although it is not a great idea to cut your own bangs without experience especially for curly hair. A trusted professional will take specific curl pattern into account, giving you perfect bangs that show off eyes and keep hair out of your face. No need to worry because this bangs will not bother you.

  • Wispy Bangs
wispy bangs hairstyle » Favourite Type of Bangs
wispy bangs hairstyle

These kinds of bangs are chic and effortless, but prepare enough of a presence to help define your look and frame your face. If you never have bangs, maybe you can try this look to improve your style.

  • Long Blunt Bangs
long blunt bangs » Favourite Type of Bangs
long blunt bangs

Long blunt bangs create straight line and cut dramatically across the face, creating a bold, and eye popping look. These bangs are wide yet cover all of the forehead, they also add width and reduce length to the face. Making them as a good option for women with long or oval shaped faces. But how about the other face shape? It is also okay!

  • Assymetrical Bangs
assymetrical bangs colors » Favourite Type of Bangs
assymetrical bangs colors

If you want to make a brand changed, just create this dramatically asymmetrical and choppy bangs. Ladies will love them as an edgy offset to this textured bob. Another option is you could pair them with something equally rock and roll like a long, even the shaggy cut.

  • Lash Grazing Bangs
lash grazing bangs haircut » Favourite Type of Bangs
lash grazing bangs haircut

The lash grazing bangs are the perfect way to update your style especially in the winter. These are extra flattering if you are  trying to minimize a large forehead or widen the appearance of a long face. Ready  to try?

  • Short Blunt Bangs
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short blunt bangs » Favourite Type of Bangs
short blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are short that styled to perfection on Rooney Mara’s glossy raven hair. Just take a look at her! If you are looking for a way to enhance your eyes and oval shaped face, don’t mind putting in the styling time to get your fringe just right because these are the right bangs for you.

  • See Through Bangs
korean bangs hairstyle » Favourite Type of Bangs
korean bangs hairstyle

The biggest beauty trends to come out of Korea nowadays include the bangs style. See through bangs are soft, romantic, and low commitment that really suitable for the straight hair. Style this barely fringe over your forehead to gently frame your eyes. When you are not feeling the banged look, just hide the strands in the rest of your hair on days.

  • Bettie Bangs
bettie bangs haircut » Favourite Type of Bangs
bettie bangs haircut

These popular bangs in the modern resurgence of pin-up style, especially Katy Perry. These short bangs that curve up at the sides are most associated with ’50s icon Bettie Page. Because there are many cases of failure than success when it comes to pulling off this fringe, just try a longer and softer bangs before progressing to this look.